the Online Summer Workshop in Environment, Energy, and Transportation (Economics)

What?     Every other Friday, we will have a Zoom seminar series with three short presentations (15 minutes each)—followed by a happy hour!

Papers and videos will not be circulated.

Who?     We’re targeting presenters who are graduate students going on the job market this year or next year (2020 or 2021), postdocs, and early-career assistant professors. We may adjust selection based upon supply.

There will be no discussants, but we will provide a little time for questions after each paper. We will try and cluster papers by topic and try and get some senior people specializing in that area to dial in!

The organizers of OSWEET include Molly Van Dop (UC Berkeley); Sarah Jacobson (Williams) Katherine Wagner (Stanford/UC Berkeley); Ed Rubin, (Oregon); Catie Hausman (Michigan); Ariel Ortiz-Bobea (Cornell); Antonio Bento (USC); and Max Auffhammer (UC Berkeley).

When?     Every other Friday; see schedule below.

Where?         Zoom. We will send out a Zoom link to presenters and audience members.

More?         This workshop is a supportive and constructive environment to present research (but you still have to bring your own beer/coffee/snacks to happy hour).

Interested? Please join the mailing list and/or apply to present! (And tell your friends.)

Upcoming events

Climate, organization, and ag: 10 June 2022

Friday, 10 June 2022, 1PM-2PM Pacific (4PM–5PM Eastern), followed by happy hour

Register for the mailing list to receive the Zoom link and password.

    1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST) The role of local institutions in climate resilience: Historical evidence from soil conservation districts in the post-dust bowl Great Plains region
Aparna Howlader (Rhode Island)

1:20PM PST (4:20PM EST) Multinationals vs Mother Nature? The impact of multinational firms on the environment
Frederik Noack (UBC)

1:40PM PST (4:40PM EST) Internal migration and the organization of agriculture
Raahil Madhok (UBC)

2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST) Happy hour!

Past events


Energy: 2022/05/13

    1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST) Energy transition metals: Bottleneck for net-zero emissions?
Lukas Boer (DIW Berlin)

1:20PM PST (4:20PM EST) Policy legacies and energy transitions: Greening policies under sectoral reforms in Argentina and Chile
Santiago Cunial (UPenn)

1:40PM PST (4:40PM EST) Price discrimination on choice frictions in residential electricity markets
Jenya Kahn-Lang (UC Berkeley)

2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST) Happy hour!

Env. & energy in India: 2022/04/29

    1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST) Burned agricultural biomass, air pollution, and crime
Abubakr Ayesh (Michigan State)

1:20PM PST (4:20PM EST) Electricity market design and market-based environmental policy in India
Shefali Khanna (Imperial College London)

1:40PM PST (4:40PM EST) Economic and demographic effects of increased flood susceptibility: Evidence from rural India
Osama Sajid (Cornell)

2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST) Happy hour!

Justice and political economy: 2022/04/01

    1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST) Stubble burning and forest fires: Effect on child height in India
Prachi Singh (EDF)

1:20PM PST (4:20PM EST) Visibility and vulnerability: Aid allocations after the 2015 Nepal earthquake
Matthew Gordon (Yale)

1:40PM PST (4:40PM EST) Does the media respond to political messaging? Evidence from local newspaper coverage of climate change
Graham Beattie (Loyola Marymount)

2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST) Happy hour!

Water and climate: 2022/03/18

    1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST) Regulator preferences and underinvestment in water infrastructure
Chunyu Guo (SUNY Albany)

1:20PM PST (4:20PM EST) Regional water transfer and economic growth: A synthetic control case study
Arpita Nehra (Utah State)

1:40PM PST (4:40PM EST) Near-term climate damages under flexible adaptation times
Maximilian Kotz (Potsdam)

2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST) Happy hour!

Food and waste: 2022/03/04

Register for the mailing list to receive the Zoom link and password.

    1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST) Household responses to a corrective tax and climate change mitigation: Evidence from food waste tax
Seunghoon Lee (MIT)

1:20PM PST (4:20PM EST) Market potential for domestic herbs: A new variant of “consequentiality” for valuing contingent private goods
Twinkle Roy (Georgia)

1:40PM PST (4:40PM EST) Rethinking recycling? The effects of China’s waste-import ban on pollution relocation in the U.S.
Shan Zhang (Oregon)

2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST) Happy hour!

Tech. adoption: 2022/02/18

    1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST) Split incentives and endogenous inattention in home retrofits uptake: A story of selection on unobservables?
Stefano Cellini (Surrey)

1:20PM PST (4:20PM EST) Early warning systems, mobile technology, and cholera aversion: Evidence from rural Bangladesh
Emily Pakhtigian (Penn State)

1:40PM PST (4:40PM EST) Using targeting to optimize program design: Evidence from an energy conservation experiment
Muxi Yang (Cornell)

2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST) Happy hour!

Energy: 2022/02/04

    1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST) Optimal energy subsidies with multiple policy instruments: The case for finite-time-horizon policies
Owen Kay (Michigan)

1:20PM PST (4:20PM EST) Capital versus output subsidies with an inconsistent regulator
Asa Watten (EPA)

1:40PM PST (4:40PM EST) Decomposing the effect of renewables on the electricity sector
Paige Weber (UNC)

2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST) Happy hour!

Pollution and driving: 2022/01/21

    1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST) Does it measure up? A comparison of pollution exposure assessment techniques applied across hospitals in England
Dheeya Rizmie (Imperial College London)

1:40PM PST (4:40PM EST) Peer Effects in Electric Vehicle Adoption: Evidence from the Swedish Vehicle Market
Sebastian Tebbe (IIES)

2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST) Happy hour!


Perception and conservation: 2021/12/13

    1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST) The role of information in the Rosen-Roback framework
Ran Song (Yale-NUS)

1:20PM PST (4:20PM EST) Do subjective perceptions shape adaptation to climate change? Evidence from Bangladesh
Guglielmo Zappala (Paris School of Economics)

1:40PM PST (4:40PM EST) The cost of saving the Amazon
Rabail Chandio (Ohio State)

Behavior: 2021/11/12

    1:00PM PST (4:00PM EST) Choice architecture 2.0: Embedding reflection in nudges to promote low carbon diets
Sanchayan Banerjee (LSE)

1:20PM PST (4:20PM EST) Mental scarcity and collective action
Todd Guilfoos (University of Rhode Island)

1:40PM PST (4:40PM EST) Role of gender identity on conservation practice choice in an agricultural land leasing context: A lab experiment
Diya Ganguly (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)

Air and externalities: 2021/10/29

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Strategic local regulators and the efficacy of national pollution standards
Ruohao Zhang (Northwestern)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Environmental externalities and social contact: Evidence from refinery pollution in the U.S.
Xinming Du (Columbia)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Local inequalities generated by fracking, remote sensing of neighborhood transformation
Arman Khachiyan (UCSD)

Transportation: 2021/10/08

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Uncertainty in preferences for recharging electric vehicles
Gracia Bruchmann (Bern)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Effects of public transit fares increases on gasoline consumption: High-frequency evidence from China
Yuchen Wang (Pitt)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) For whom the bridge tolls: Congestion, air pollution, and second-best road pricing
Matthew Tarduno (UC Berkeley)

Enviro: 2021/09/24

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Disentangling the many-to-many mapping of natural capital and ecosystem services
Ethan Addicott (Yale)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Technology transitions and the timing of environmental policy: Evidence from efficient lighting
Sarah Armitage (Harvard)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Cost-effectiveness and robustness of conservation measures in agricultural landscapes facing climate change
Charlotte Gerling (TU Berlin)

Ag + Climate: 2021/09/10

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Can recycled water cure all? Coastal agriculture’s battle with seawater intrusion and groundwater overdraft
Molly Sears (UC Berkeley)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Cicadian rhythm: Insecticides, infant health, and long-term outcomes
Charles Taylor (Columbia)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Is working at home a way of adaptation to climate change?
Wensu Li (Trinity)

Disasters: 2021/08/27

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) The dynamic impacts of floods on households: The case of Nigeria in 2012
Mook Bangalore (LSE)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) The impact of drought on structural transformation in India
Sayahnika Basu (UCSD)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) People use park with people: evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic
Andie Creel (Yale)

Water, energy, behavior: 2021/08/13

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Beware of side effects? Spillover evidence from a hot water intervention
Harald Mayr (ETH Zurich)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Incentives for the energy transition: Feed-in tariffs, rebates, or a hybrid design?
Marta Talevi (Yale)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Culpable consumption: Residential response to price and non-price drought measures
James Sears (UC Berkeley)

Agriculture: 2021/07/02

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Engaging Farmers Through Tailored Information
Collin Weigel (California Air Resources Board)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) The Promise of Crop Substitution Programs
James Sayre (UC Berkeley)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Climate Change, The Food Problem, and the Challenge of Adaptation through Sectoral Reallocation
Ishan Nath (Chicago)

Energy: 2021/06/11

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) The First to Bear the Brunt: China’s Energy Program Evaluation
Xiangyu Meng (Georgia State)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) CAFE Standards or Gasoline Taxes: A Structural Study of Fuel Saving Under Different Policies
Siqi Liu (Brandeis)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Policy Design and the Effects of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards
Stephanie Weber (Yale)

Pollution: 2021/05/28

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Environmental regulation and firm size
Muhammad Haseeb (Geneva)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) COVID-19 pandemic reveals persistent disparities in NO2 pollution
Gaige Kerr (George Washington)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) The distributional consequences of environmental regulation
Danae Hernandez-Cortez (UC Santa Barbara)

Energy & extraction: 2021/05/07

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Downwind and out: The strategic dispersion of power plants and their pollution
John Morehouse (Oregon)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Do credit constraints explain the energy efficiency gap? Evidence from the U.S. new vehicle market
Kevin Ankney (Georgetown)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Mining, deforestation and the global commodity boom
Victoria Wenxin Xie (Santa Clara)

Transportation: 2021/04/23

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) The effect of shale drilling on Native lands: An IV approach
Anna Malinovskaya (Cornell)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Adaptation and mitigation of air pollution: evidence from air quality warnings
Sandra Aguilar-Gómez (Columbia)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) The time-of-day travel demand elasticity paradox
Cody Nehiba (LSU)

Energy: 2021/04/09

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Wind power penetration impacts on wholesale electricity market prices: Evidence from quantile regression approach
Bolarinwa Ajanaku (West Virginia)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Short- and long-run effects of electricity grid expansion
Gaurav Doshi (Wisconsin)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Theoretical and empirical evaluation of a competitive energy rebate program
Chi Ta (Illinois)

Climate: 2021/03/26

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) The Social Costs of NIMBYism: Evidence from Renewable Energy Projects in the United Kingdom
Stephen Jarvis (Mannheim)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Optimal Timing of Electric Vehicle Subsidies
Qingran Li (Duke)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Linking Carbon Markets with Different Initial Conditions
Matt Woerman (UMass Amherst)

Inequality: 2021/03/12

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Credit and attention in the adoption of profitable energy efficient technologies in Kenya
Susanna Berkouwer (Penn Wharton)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Air pollution, health, and racial disparities: Evidence from ports
Pei Huang (ZEW - Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Can mining change regressive cultural norms? Evidence on acceptance of domestic violence and shared decision-making in india
James Ji (Brandeis)

Agriculture: 2021/02/26

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Nutritional Impact of Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) in Rural China
Wumeng He (Duke)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Sustainable Agriculture, Residue Burning, and Urban Infant Mortality: Evidence from Mexico
Joel Ferguson (UC Berkeley)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Spillovers to Manufacturing Plants from Multimillion Dollar Plantations: Evidence from the Indonesian Palm Oil Boom
Sebastian Kraus (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change)

Floods: 2021/02/12

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Draining the swamp: Wetlands, flood mitigation, and the Clean Water Act
Hannah Druckenmiller (UC Berkeley)

1:30PM PDT (4:30PM EDT) Inundated by change: The effects of land use on flood damages
Wesley Howden (UCSD)

Air quality: 2021/01/22

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Exploring the impacts of air pollution on sleep
Dheeya Rizmie (Imperial College London)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Pollution Monitoring, Strategic Behavior, and Dynamic Representativeness
Lin Yang (Cornell)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) The Grandkids Aren’t Alright: The Intergenerational Effects of Prenatal Pollution Exposure
Jonathan Colmer (Virginia)


Pollution and environmental policy: 2020/12/11

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Earth, Wind, and Fire: The impact of anti-poverty efforts on Indian agriculture and pollution
Patrick Behrer (Stanford)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Free Power, Irrigation, and Groundwater Depletion: Impact of the Farm Electricity Policy of Punjab, India
Disha Gupta (Delhi School of Economics)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Strategic Shutdowns of Air Quality Monitors: Evidence from Jersey City and Across the U.S.
Eric Zou (Oregon)

Water and disasters: 2020/11/13

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Local public finance dynamics and hurricane shocks
Rhiannon Jerch (Temple)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) The health effects of floods on the urban poor
Michelle Escobar (Monash)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Infrastructure Upgrades and Lead Exposure: Do Cities Face Trade-Offs When Replacing Water Mains
Ludovica Gazze (Warwick) with Jennifer Heissel

Electricity markets: 2020/20/30

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Levelized Full System Costs of Electricity: A Novel Approach to Evaluate Intermittent Generation
Robert Idel (Rice)

1:20PM PDT (4:20PM EDT) Large-Scale Wind Power Investment’s Impact on Wholesale Electricity Markets
Omer Karaduman (Stanford)

1:40PM PDT (4:40PM EDT) Bunching in Residential Electricity Consumption
Laura Grant (Claremont McKenna College) with Becka Brolinson

Climate/adaptation: 2020/10/16

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) The Ins and Outs of Employment: Labor Market Adjustments to Carbon Taxes
Chi Man Yip (Calgary)

1:15PM PDT (4:15PM EDT) The problem with pricing “carbon”: exploring forest-driven albedo effects in DICELAND
Emily McGlynn (UC Davis)

1:30PM PDT (4:30PM EDT) Water Availability and Heat-Related Mortality: Evidence from South Africa
Kelly Hyde (Pittsburgh)

1:45PM PDT (4:45PM EDT) Adaptation and Adverse Selection in Markets for Natural Disaster Insurance
Katherine Wagner (Stanford/UC Berkeley)

Policy/spillovers: 2020/10/02

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Effect of Nuclear Power Plants on Local Crop Yields
Daniyar Zhumadilov (NC State)

1:15PM PDT (4:15PM EDT) Women Leaders Improve Local Environmental Outcomes
Meera Mahadevan (UC Irvine)

1:30PM PDT (4:30PM EDT) Cap-and-trade vs. Carbon Taxes: Efficiency Implications of Emissions Price Volatility in the Power Sector
Felipe Gómez Trejos (ASU)

1:45PM PDT (4:45PM EDT) The Spillover Effects of Pollution: How Exposure to Lead Affects Everyone in the Classroom
Ludovica Gazze (Warwick)

Climate: 2020/09/18

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Adaptation to Natural Disaster through Better Information: Evidence from Home Seller Disclosure Requirement
Seunghoon Lee (Chicago)

1:15PM PDT (4:15PM EDT) Climate and Irrigated Agriculture: Evidence from Cash Rents
Nicholas Potter (Washington State)

1:30PM PDT (4:30PM EDT) Climate Change and Adaptation in Global Supply-Chain Networks
Nora Pankratz (UCLA)

1:45PM PDT (4:45PM EDT) Reactive Adaptation to Temperature Extremes: The Remarkable Decline in Temperature-Yield Relationship in Chinese Agriculture Over 1981–2010
Di Wang (UC Santa Barbara)

Transportation: 2020/09/04

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Optimal Carbon Tax in Oligopolies: An Application to Commercial Aviation
Diego Cardoso (Cornell)

1:15PM PDT (4:15PM EDT) What Drives Battery Electric Vehicle Adoption?
Christina Gore (Ohio State)

1:30PM PDT (4:30PM EDT) Do Safety Inspections Improve Saftey? Evidence from the Saftey Inspection Program for Commercial Motor Vehicles
Yuanning Liang (Cornell)

1:45PM PDT (4:45PM EDT) Double Marginalization and the Paths of Natural Gas Gathering Pipelines
Richard DiSalvo (Princeton)

Resources: 2020/08/21

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Scenes from a Monopoly: Renewable Resources and Quickest Detection of Regime Shifts
Neha Deopa (The Graduate Institute, Geneva)

1:15PM PDT (4:15PM EDT) Information and Spillovers from Targeting Policy in Peru’s Anchoveta Fishery
Gabriel Englander (UC Berkeley)

1:30PM PDT (4:30PM EDT) Forest Landowner Harvest Decisions in a New Era of Conservation Stewardship and Changing Markets in Maine USA
Jianheng Zhao (Maine)

1:45PM PDT (4:45PM EDT) The Texas Grand Slam: Robbed by Red Tides?
Jesse Backstrom (Chicago)

Agriculture: 2020/08/07

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Size-Based Regulations and Environmental Quality: Evidence from the U.S. Livestock Industry
Chen-Ti Chen (Iowa State University)

1:15PM PDT (4:15PM EDT) Beyond Lights: The Changing Impact of Rural Electrification on Indian Agriculture
Sudatta Ray (Stanford)

1:30PM PDT (4:30PM EDT) The Economic Impact of Schistosomiasis
Daniele Rinaldo (The Graduate Institute, Geneva)

1:45PM PDT (4:45PM EDT) Agricultural Labor Exits Increase Crop Fires: Regression-Discontinuity Evidence from a Rural Road-Construction Program in India
Hemant Pullabhotla (Stanford)

Air quality: 2020/07/24

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Pollution and Mortality: Estimating Damages Using Pollutant-Specific Abatement Technologies
Casey Rozowski (NC State)

1:15PM PDT (4:15PM EDT) Pollution and Acquisition: The Environmental Justice Effects of Mergers
Irene Jacqz (Harvard)

1:30PM PDT (4:30PM EDT) What Driving Bans Tell Us About the Lasting Health Legacy of Diesel Pollution
Hannah Klauber (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change)

1:45PM PDT (4:45PM EDT) Hurricane Induced Discharges from Superfund Sites: A Hedonic Price Analysis of Local Real Estate Market Responses
Mehrnoosh Asadi (Florida International University)

Energy: 2020/07/10

    1:00PM PDT (4:00PM EDT) Strategies, Renewables and Pass Through Costs in the German Day-Ahead Electricity Market
Gloria Colmenares (The University of Münster)

1:15PM PDT (4:15PM EDT) The Effect on Total Electricity Consumption of Behavioral Changes in Response to Time-Varying Pricing in the Residential Sector
Tabaré Capitán (University of Wyoming)

1:30PM PDT (4:30PM EDT) Contracting for Electricity in Low Income Countries: the Role of Liquidity Constraints and Transaction Costs
Megan Lang (UC Berkeley)

1:45PM PDT (4:45PM EDT) Optimization and Pricing of Ancillary Services in Low-Carbon Electricity Grids
Luis Badesa (Imperial College London)