I’m Ed Rubin, an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Oregon.


I’m an environmental economist who researches how human behavior (individual and policy) affects social equity and the health of the natural world.

As an empiricist, I tackle these issues with a toolbox that draws from econometrics, statistics, and data science.

Examples from a few recent projects…
curiously missing data in air-quality monitors
unequal wildfire smoke avoidance
a field experiment in customer-based gender bias
pitfalls of injecting machine learning into a 2SLS framework
strategic location of coal-fueled power plants


Passions: the outdoors, bikes, good food/coffee/drinks, beauty/photography data, and (most of all) loving people.


A few other professional items… I
started TWEEDS with friends,
help run OSWEET,
co-wrote a textbook on Data Science and Public Policy.

Please look around or contact me.